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          项目描述: 全球健康和实习与实习 AMOS Health & Hope. Each summer, AMOS Health & Hope, a non-profit with 50 years of collective experience implementing successful public health programs in 尼加拉瓜, offers highly-motivated students the chance to participate in a Global Health Practicum and Internship that aims to empower a socially conscious generation of public health workers. Fostering a critical analysis of international health development and social theories of power and privilege, the Practicum examines current models and methodologies for improving health in low-resource settings and combines the best of classroom and hands-on experience to take students’ knowledge of public health and community empowerment to the next level. 学生们 have the option to focus their fieldwork project in specific project areas, such as: Maternal and Child Health, Women’s Empowerment, Youth Empowerment, Nutrition, Clean Water Programs, and Urban Health Care.

          导师: 博士。蕾妮kusler和Jessica欣肖 - 阿莫斯健康和希望,尼加拉瓜马那瓜 


          • 2019: 在少女怀孕基于性别的不平等:在半农村内哈帕青年赋权
               vindhyaa pasupuleti和Danielle搬运工
          • 2019:在尼加拉瓜的城郊社区的社区为基础的儿童早期刺激,关怀和营养项目:用爱育儿
          • 2017年: 在埃尔班布,拉raccs,尼加拉瓜青年赋权
          • 2017年: 社区为基础的正向偏差/炉干预,以改善农村尼加拉瓜儿童营养不良
          • 2017年: 通过分析行为改变打击慢性疾病
          • 2016年 孕产妇和在La貘,拉raccs,尼加拉瓜儿童健康:推广产前护理和madres voluntarias的。

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