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          A fragment of a clay pot, intricately decorated with black line drawings.



          Excavate Native American & 19th century sites in Tennessee

          5月17日 - 2020年6月5日,

          ARCE 120: Field 研究 in Environmental 考古学

          要么 ARCE 450: 考古学 Field School (4 F11 Credits)

          Room & Board + Class = $2680
          联系: 教授。金佰利卡斯帕 

          ARCE 120: Field Research in Environmental Archaeology (F7 & F11) This course and accompanying lab focus on a scientific understanding of the biological and geological methods and theories that are relevant to human/environmental interaction in pre-historic and historic sites of human occupation. 研究 areas include: 1) environmental change and human activity; 2) plant and animal domestication and exploitation; and 3) methods for dating artifacts. The class and lab are held at the Ames Plantation in Tennessee. Enrollment is limited; students must apply for acceptance through the chair of the 考古学 Program.



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