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          辛西娅·艾伦 - 麦吉'01,'02

          Cynthia Allen-McGhee ‘01, ‘02

          辛西娅·艾伦 - 麦吉'01,'02



          Cindy’s career began with Ernst & Young LLP, a “Big 4” accounting firm, which laid the foundation for her professionalism and work ethic. She has been in private practice for 11 years and founded NextGen Tax 服务s, a CPA firm in Tulsa, OK, in 2017. NextGen provides tax and accounting services to clients across 20 states and is the largest black-owned CPA firm in the State of Oklahoma. Cindy and her team of ‘empire-building experts’ pride themselves on bringing a passion for bookkeeping, the hunger for the most innovative tax strategies, and the communication skills needed to keep clients informed and worry-free, as they skillfully handle their business’s finances.

          辛迪的丈夫是博士。乔纳森·麦吉'03。他们美丽的家族包括儿子,乔纳森JR。 (12)和女儿,贾登(9)。


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