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          Dr. Stephanie N. Cage is the associate director for the 林恩和亨利·特里孟菲斯中心, where she oversees and evaluates the development of student fellowships and experiential learning opportunities in Memphis. She also teaches in the 城市研究 program.  As a native of Memphis, Tennessee, she completed her doctoral studies at the University of Memphis in Higher and Adult 教育. She also holds a Bachelor of 商业 Administration in Management and a Master of 艺术 in Liberal Studies from the University of Memphis. Her research interests include engaged learning, enrollment services, leadership, and student success and retention. Her recent work focuses on incarcerated students’ learning experiences. Prior to joining CQ9, Dr. Cage served as University 注册员 for Louisiana State University (Alexandria). She has taught courses such as U.S. Incarceration Trends & Issues, Introduction to Sociology, Family in the Global Perspective, Academic Success, and Library Instruction.



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